VN Grading Policies

Grading Requirements: Vocational Nurse

Vocational Nurse students must attain a cumulative grade point average of C (75%) in each course to graduate. If a course grade is below 75%, or clinical skills are not all successfully demonstrated, the nursing student is placed on Academic Probation and the deficiencies must be remediated.

Re-Enrollment Policy

Students re-enrolling after a leave of absence, withdrawal or dismissal will be required to complete academic and prefacility requirements to ensure their retention of knowledge and safe nursing practice.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirements: Vocational Nurse

Attainment of satisfactory progress (attendance, credit earned, and GPA) is monitored at the completion of each term for LVN students.  Tutorial sessions may be mandatory for students at risk of not meeting satisfactory academic performance requirements.

Class Retakes: Vocational Nurse

Vocational Nurse students who elect to repeat a previously passed course (due to dismissal/withdrawal and subsequent re-enrollment) will have the grade earned in the repeat course recorded on the official transcript.