Leave of Absence (LOA)

A leave of absence (LOA) is intended to cover the temporary interruption of a student’s academic progression. An LOA will be approved when the absence is emergent or unforseen and there is a reasonable espectation that the student will return to the university.  The reasons for approving an LOA may include, but are not limited to, the student having serious medical problems, military duty, pregnancy, or jury duty.  For an approved LOA, the student must provide a written request that is signed, dated, and includes documentation that supports the reason for the request.

A student may request an LOA for a period of up to 90 days.  Extensions may be requested if the student’s circumstances warrant; the student, however, may be on approved LOA for a maximum of 180 days in any twelve month period  (Note: Extensions must be requested; they are not automatically granted if the student remains absent).

The student will be dismissed from the university if they do not return at the conclusion of the approved LOA unless an extension has been granted. If a student does not return from an approved LOA on the expected return date, the student will be dismissed from the university and a Return of Title IV Funds calculation will be processed.

Return to Title IV Funds

If the student is the recipient of a Title IV, HEA loan, failure to return from an approved LOA may result in changes to loan repayment terms, including exhaustion of some or all of the grace period. If a student does not return from the LOA, the 6-month grace period is retroactively applied back to the beginning of the leave of absence date.

Changes to Private Loans

The student is solely responsible for contacting any financial aid sources/lenders from which they may receive financial aid in order to determine any changes that may occur in any grace period or repayment schedule for financial aid based on the increased length of their program due to a LOA.  The student must also contact any financial aid source or lender to determine whether interest on the loan(s) will continue to accrue while on LOA.

Resumption of Classes

At the time of the approved LOA, the student will be provided with an LOA plan that will outline program completion requirements, addressing academic progress delays, and revising the expected graduation date. Students will join their original cohort or a different cohort depending on the duration of the LOA. The university will not count missed class sessions during an LOA when a student is not in attendance as absences.

Upon returning from the LOA, the student will resume training at the same point in the academic program (term) that they began the LOA and must complete the term they started prior to the LOA.  The student must have a meeting with a financial aid officer for repackaging of loans but will not be imposed with additional charges for remediating and retaking courses or restarting the term during which the leave began as required for program completion per the LOA plan.