OTA Grading Policies

Remediation Policies

Theory Course Remediation

The length and cohort model of the Occupational Therapy Assistant program renders retakes for remediation purposes impossible if the student is to continue in his/her program.  Remediation actions for unsatisfactory academic progress are required to be allowed to continue in the program.  The student will be expected to take an alternate exam on the material covered in the original course exam and/or complete a remediation assignment and will be considered to have successfully remediated the course when he/she has achieved a passing score on the alternate exam or assignment.  Regardless of the score achieved on the alternate exam or remediation assignment, the maximum grade that will be entered into the student’s grade record for any remediated course will be 75%.   Remediation of any failed course must be performed within twenty-one (21) days of the posting of the failing course grade or prior to the start of the next term, whichever is shorter.  Students may take up to three remediation attempts (if necessary) during the remediation period.  If a course is not successfully remediated, the student’s failing grade will be recorded as the grade for the un-remediated course and the student will be dismissed.  An exception to this policy is the End of Program Examination for OTA Students.  This exam has only one remediation attempt.

Students may not remediate more than 3 courses in a program. If a student fails a fourth (4) course, the student will be dismissed. Students that are dismissed due to four (4) course failures who re-enroll to the program will be dismissed upon failing a second (2) course after their return (which is a 6th course failure).  Students that are dismissed, re-enroll, and fail a second course will be dismissed. The OTA 2060 End of Program Review course is the only theory course that is an exception to this policy of repeating the OTA program upon a 6th course failure.

Laboratory Course Remediation

OTA laboratory courses are Pass/Fail based on the student achieving a minimum number of points on the Skills Checklist, which includes demonstrated skills, completion of projects, quizzes, exams and professionalism points. Lab course failures are not eligible for course remediation and must be repeated. In the event that a student does not receive a passing laboratory grade due primarily to a deficiency in professionalism points, the student must submit a written plan of correction to address the professionalism deficiencies to the laboratory instructors, program director, or program director’s designee. The plan must demonstrate that the student understands what the deficits were and how the deficits will be corrected. The student will have one (1) opportunity to submit the plan of correction within seven (7) calendar days of the end of the laboratory course. An unsatisfactory plan of correction will result in a failing grade for the laboratory course, and the student will be dismissed from the occupational therapy assistant program.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirements: Occupational Therapy Assistant

Tutorial sessions and meetings with the university’s staff may be mandatory for students at risk of not meeting satisfactory academic performance requirements.

The level I and level II fieldwork portions of the OTA program are considered to be part of the entire curriculum and must be completed within a maximum of 1 ½ times beyond the normal length of the program. Students who do not finish level I and level II fieldwork within this time frame will be required to apply for admission and repeat the program as a new student. Tutorial sessions and meetings with the university’s staff may be mandatory for students at risk of not meeting satisfactory academic performance requirements.