Stanbridge University’s grading policy is as follows:

  • Students must pass all the courses within a program in order to graduate (or complete their studies).
  • Students who withdraw will receive a grade of “Incomplete” for courses in progress. Enrolled students who do not complete a course on time will receive a grade of “F” twenty-one (21) days after the conclusion of the course, if not remediated/completed by then.
  • Transfer students will receive a notation of “XFR” for courses granted transfer credit.
  • Diploma, associate, and bachelor’s degree students must have a cumulative grade point average of C (2.0) or above in order to graduate. Master’s degree students must have a GPA of 3.0 in order to graduate.
  • Late submission of assignments, projects and papers will result in grade reductions as outlined in course syllabi.
  • Students may review grades for courses by logging in to the Learning Management System and viewing gradebook or transcript.

Distance Education

The university provides distance education via its Learning Management System, Edverum, in synchronous and asynchronous formats. All distance education course assignments are to be submitted via the online classroom. Grades for assignments are posted in the course gradebook within 3 working days after the assignment due date. Large written assignments, such as essays, research papers, and thesis works, may be graded within the instructional week following the assignment due date, or as otherwise specified.

Qualitative Measure of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Grade Meaning Grade-Point Value
A+ 97% – 100% 4.0
A 93% – 96% 4.0
A- 90% – 92% 3.7
B+ 87% – 89% 3.3
B 83% – 86% 3.0
B- 80% – 82% 2.7
C+ 77% – 79% 2.3
C 75% – 76% 2.0
C- 70% – 74% 1.7
D+ 67% – 69% 1.3
D 65% – 66% 1.0
D- 60% – 64% 0.7
F 59% and below 0
PASS Satisfactory Performance 4.0
FAIL Unsatisfactory Performance 0.0
In Progress Course not completed 0
Transfer of Credit Not Computed in GPA