Student Services Resources

New Student Orientation

From day one of your education at Stanbridge you will be supported in every way possible. During your orientation session, we will walk you through every facet of our academic community. We will review your program, your schedule, all of the facilities and resources available to you and will introduce you to the Stanbridge University Student Central online portal. Students in programs delivered online will receive their orientation through Edverum while students taking only selected courses of study online will receive an orientation to their program on campus and an additional orientation to their online courses via Edverum.

Academic Advising

Students can request one-on-one advising with a faculty advisor or student services officer to discuss academic or personal issues at any time.

Tutoring Services

Our programs are rigorous and designed to challenge. Occasionally students may need additional help outside of the classroom. Students may request individual tutoring by their instructors during office hours or other scheduled times. Additionally,  students may use the  Peer Tutoring App to schedule peer and virtual tutoring as needed through the LRC.

Student Life

As dedicated as we are to providing facilities, technology, test preparation and placement assistance, we are equally dedicated to the greater good. This is what makes Stanbridge a community like no other – a living, breathing, compassionate society with the opportunity to not only change the lives of students, but the lives of others as well.

Whether it is building homes with Habitat for Humanity, holding community blood drives for the American Red Cross or fund-raising for groups like The Free Wheel Chair Mission, Smile Train, Mercy Corps or Doctors Without Borders, Stanbridge students are serving the world and making a difference every day. Students in online programs are also encouraged to engage in community service activities in the area in which they reside.

Stanbridge Student Assistance Program

Stanbridge University recognizes that balancing academic excellence and a complicated life outside of school can be stressful, and at times, overwhelming. Because no one should deal with a personal crisis without a listening ear or guidance toward a resolution, we offer the Stanbridge Student Assistance Program (SSAP). The program is a free, comprehensive, and fully confidential counseling service that helps students manage or resolve a wide variety of difficult situations and is part of Stanbridge University’s commitment to student success:

Stress and Anxiety Depression and Suicide Family Conflict
Feeling Like an Outsider Alcohol and Drug Abuse Performance Related Fears
Identity Theft Recovery Financial and Legal Services Prescription Drug Costs

Students may contact the Stanbridge Student Assistance Program (SSAP) by dialing 800.977.7728 or by visiting  The SSAP, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, is designed to help students overcome personal challenges and succeed to graduation. The program provides access to professional clinicians, school-life specialists, and legal and financial experts to help students reduce stress, build resilience, and better manage responsibilities at school, at home and in life.

Learning Resource System (LRC) *

At Stanbridge University learning continues beyond the classroom. To better serve the students the university has developed a comprehensive Learning Resource System that is uniquely effective and includes the Learning Resource Center and Online Library resources.

*All of the Learning Resource System’s online services are available to students at the Los Angeles, Alhambra Branch Campus. The Librarian and writing specialists provide virtual support to students via phone and email.  Students can access the electronic library resources on classroom computers.

Learning Resource Center

The Stanbridge Learning Resource Center is open:

Monday-Thursday: 6:30am-12:00pm;

Friday: 6:30am-10:00pm; and

Saturday and Sunday: 9:00am-8:00pm.

Holiday hours are disclosed by email. In the Learning Resource Center students can access computer-based training modules, lab simulations and practice examinations; there are printers and copiers for student use, private collaboration rooms, library books to borrow, and internet access for research for all students.

The Center is staffed by the Librarian on Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. to assist students. The Librarian is also available via phone and email to assist students in online courses and programs with reference materials and research projects. Specializing in study skills, time management, and test-taking strategies, the Academic Success Coordinator is also available to assist students in the Learning Resource Center.

Stanbridge University Electronic Library Resource

Stanbridge University offers access to electronic resources through its Learning Resource System website. Students can log in to their Student Central account and access the resources anywhere, at any time. Students in the medical or allied health fields have access to the Cumulative Index of Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL) with full-text database, the MEDLINE Complete database, and the ProQuest Nursing and Allied Health Source database, which combined offer access to over 5,000 full-text journals and related resources. In addition, the Academic Search Complete database offers students over 10,700 full-text journals in a variety of subjects, including science and technology, psychology, education, and many others. Other resources include the Cochrane Library of Systematic Review, and the PsychINFO and ERIC databases. If students are not able to find the full-text of the resource that they want through Stanbridge University’s resources, the LRS offers Interlibrary Loan, which allows students to send their request to the librarian.  The latter will then request the article from another educational institution.

Students also have access to Grammarly, an automated grammar and plagiarism checker that can proofread assignments and give advice on revisions, and Turnitin, a service that checks for plagiarism.

Student Housing

Stanbridge University does not offer student housing services and assumes no responsibility to find or assist a student in finding housing for any of its main or branch campuses.  The University does not have dormitory facilities under its control. Local accommodation information can be found at  Approximate cost for a one-bedroom apartment in the vicinity of our facilities is: Orange County, $1,718 to $3,800 with an average cost of $1,995; Los Angeles, $2,212 to $4,772 with an average cost of $2,747; and Riverside, $1,565 to $2,913 with an average cost of $1,873.

Career Services

The benefits of being a Stanbridge University graduate do not end after you start your first job. Our placement services are available to you at any time following your graduation. Stanbridge University takes a personal interest in mentoring and encouraging our graduates to meet their career goals. We are committed to the success of our graduates and offer a comprehensive four-step career placement process.

Career Placement Orientation

During a classroom presentation or personal consultation, our Career Placement Assistance staff will orient the graduate to the placement services program.

Resume Preparation

Our in-house experts will help guide our job-ready applicants in writing a powerful and creative resume that will help them stand out from the competition.

Mock Interview Sessions

We will take graduates through personality mapping, salary negotiations, role-playing and other specialized interview techniques that will help them to take control of the interview.

Exclusive Access to Placement Online for Job Leads

Stanbridge University maintains an exclusive job placement web site for our graduates. By using an assigned user ID and password, our graduates can access targeted job openings in Southern California that are updated daily. Additionally, graduates and alumni can access a database of Southern California recruiting organizations, companies, and upcoming job fairs.

Parking Services*

Vehicles on Campus

Student parking permits are provided to every student during Student Orientation. A student has full responsibility for the security of his/her vehicle and its contents.  As outlined in the student code of conduct, a student will be held responsible for any prohibited items that are kept in his/her car and will be subject to disciplinary action as well as criminal prosecution.


  • The first parking permit is issued at no cost to the student. If lost or destroyed, the student can request a replacement permit from the receptionist in the front lobby for $5.00.  If additional permits are needed, the third and subsequent permits will cost $25 each.
  • The parking permit must be displayed by affixing it in the lower left or right hand corner of the back window when parked at Stanbridge. The permit numbers must be clearly visible. If windows have a heavy tint, then parking permits may be affixed in the lower left or right-hand corner of the windshield.  The permit numbers must be clearly visible.
  • If your program has alternate parking assignments, then the appropriate additional parking permit must be displayed as directed.
  • Street parking is available along Business Center Drive. Be aware of red curbs and any “no parking” signs.
  • Please refer to the map of Stanbridge parking lots with student-designated spaces on Student Central. Students may only park in these designated areas.
  • Do not park in the spaces reserved for guests (3-hour parking). These spaces require a special permit obtained from the receptionist at the front lobby.
  • If there is no available campus student parking, there is additional parking at Stanbridge’s shuttle lot located at 18842 Teller Ave. in the Saddleback Church parking lot. A map to the shuttle lot along with the shuttle lot schedule is available through Student Central or you may ask the receptionist at the front lobby for the next available pickup.
  • Parking permits may not be shared or exchanged for another student to use.
  • Vehicles parked in undesignated areas or in surrounding lots are subject to be towed from the premises at students’ expense.
  • Do not take up more than one parking space or straddle over the painted lines.
  • After 5pm on weekdays and any time on weekends, students may park in any designated Stanbridge parking space that may be available.
  • Any vehicle damage should be reported to the local police department by calling the non-emergency line (949-724-7000) or 911 if it is an emergency.  Stanbridge will not investigate these claims nor release any video footage of the parking lots.

Parking Enforcement

  • The parking lots are patrolled daily and if a student is found to be parking in an undesignated space, the student may be pulled out of class to move their vehicle. This may result in missed instructional time that may have to be remediated and the student will receive a Notice of Deficiency (NoD) as outlined in the student Code of Conduct.

Towing of Vehicles

  • Parking in spaces for people with disabilities, in fire lanes, and in “no parking” areas may result in immediate towing.
  • Building management reserves the right to tow any vehicle in violation of the parking rules.
  • Vehicles are towed by private tow services, and all associated towing and storage fees are the responsibility of the owner/operator of the vehicle.
  • In the event your car is in violation of the parking rules and is towed, you can locate and retrieve your car by calling the following;
Company Phone Number Website
DTS (714) 530 – 8697
MetroPro Road Services (714) 556-7600
Irvine Police (949) 724-7000

*Parking for students in the OTA and VN programs is available at the Los Angeles, Alhambra Branch campus.