OTA Program Overview

2090 Clock Hours/108 Quarter Credit Hours (The approximate time to complete the program will vary according to the start and end dates of a cohort and ranges from 23 – 24 months for full time and 29 – 30 months for part-time, including school and national holidays, breaks between terms, a one-week break at Thanksgiving and a two week break in December.)

All academic policies and procedures in this catalog for the Associate of Occupational Science in Occupational Therapy Assistant program are in effect for the Irvine Campus and the Los Angeles, Alhambra Branch Campus.

Course Number and Title Classroom/ Lecture Clock HoursClinical Education Clock HoursLab Clock HoursTotal Credit HoursExternship HoursEligible for Credit Transfer
OTA 1000 OTA Foundations42003 Yes
OTA 1001 Human Components I54003 Yes
OTA 1002 Human Components II54003 Yes
OTA 1003 Human Components III54003 Yes
OTA 1004 Psychology42003 Yes
OTA 1005 Kinesiology270273 Yes
OTA 1006 Fundamentals of OTA Practice42002 No
OTA 1007 Physical Dysfunction I60004 Yes
OTA 1008 Physical Dysfunction II60004 Yes
OTA 1009 Pediatric OT72005 Yes
OTA 1010 Psychosocial Dysfunction72005 Yes
OTA 2001 OTA Lab I00562 No
OTA 2002 OTA Lab II001045 No
OTA 2003 OTA Lab III00884 No
OTA 2010 First Level I fieldwork04001 No
OTA 2020 Second Level I fieldwork04001 No
OTA 2030 First Level II fieldwork0320010 No
OTA 2040 Second Level II fieldwork0320010 No
*OTA 2050 Phase 1 Review32002 No
OTA 2060 End of Program Review90006 No
OTA 1011 Documentation42004 Yes
OTA 1102 Term 2 Review26001 No
OTA 1103 Term 3 Review26001 No
OTA 1104 Term 4 Review26001 No
ENG 1030 Effective Professional English40205 Yes
HUM 1030 The Socio-Cultural Experience4004 Yes
CIS 1006 Computer Applications30183 No
SCI 1021 Anatomy and Physiology844210 Yes
* course is online only
Employment/Job Title: Occupational Therapy Assistant