Diversity Statement

Stanbridge University takes great pride in its recognition as an institution of higher learning, and is dedicated to maintaining a campus which honors and values diversity. As evidenced by our motto, “Strength through Diversity,” Stanbridge University encourages and celebrates the diverse nature of our faculty, staff, students, and the communities we all serve in a variety of ways.

The University recognition of diversity is evident in the following Diversity Statement, which can be found in the University Catalog:

Diversity of Students, Administration, Faculty and Staff

The University strives to support and celebrate diversity with recognition of the rights and abilities of all members of the University community, to include religion or philosophical thought, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender. Our institutional mission, values, and commitments are best evidenced through the diverse nature of the populations of which we are constituted.

Diversity in Teaching, Promotion of Student Cultural Awareness, and Scholarly Efforts

The University values the academic, intellectual, and experiential background of our administration and instructional faculty, and encourages the ways in which they lend this expertise to the benefit of cultural and intellectual awareness to our student population. This is accomplished through our curriculum, in which we expand students’ conceptual framework as they research and acquire the skills and competencies in the subject areas for the programs to which they have committed, with a focus on the importance of viewing their work through a lens which acknowledges and honors diversity.

Diversity in Styles of Leadership, Mentoring, and Strategic Development

The University benefits from the variety of cultural and philosophical differences that constitute the wide range of governance, leadership, and management that makes up this higher education environment. The strength and direction provided by leadership at all levels is dependent on the organizational contributions of each member.