BSN Program Overview

Upon completion of the following requirements, Stanbridge University will confer the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree:

180 Quarter Credit Hours/$760.68 tuition rate per quarter credit hour

The approximate time to complete the program will vary according to the start and end dates of a cohort and ranges from 36-37 months including holidays and university breaks.

Scholarship requirements: A minimum of a 77% in the theory component and a PASS in the clinical component of each nursing course and a 75% in the general education courses. A cumulative GPA of 77% or above is required. All students must achieve a minimum score of 94% predicted probability in the Comprehensive Predictor Examination on the first attempt at the end of NUR 4600.

Course Number and Title Didactic HoursLab HoursClinical HoursTotal Credit HoursEligible for Credit Transfer
MATH 1010 College Algebra*303Y
ENG 1005 Introduction to Written Communication**303Y
CHEM 1010 Chemistry with Lab*30103.5Y
SOC 1010 Introduction to Sociology**303Y
BIO 1010 Biology with Lab*45105Y
ENG 2020 Advanced Written Communication**404Y
PSY 1010 Introduction to Psychology**303Y
SCI 1050 General Microbiology with Lab*45356Y
SCI 1030 Human Anatomy with Lab*45356Y
SCI 1040 Physiology with Lab*45356Y
COM 1050 Fundamentals of Public Speaking**303Y
PSY 2070 Developmental Psychology**303Y
SCI 3050 Pathophysiology505N
HLTH 1800 Health and Nutrition**353.5Y
MATH 2020 Introduction to Statistics**404Y
PHIL 2010 Critical Reasoning and Ethics**303Y
PSY 3300 Diversity and Inclusion**303Y
NUR 1000 The Nature of Nursing Practice**505N
NUR 1250 Introduction to Pharmacology*606N
NUR 2100 Fundamentals of Nursing with Lab45909N
NUR 2150 Advanced Fundamentals of Nursing252.5N
NUR 2150C Advanced Fundamentals of Nursing Clinical934.5N
NUR 1060 Gerontology**252.5N
NUR 2200 Behavioral Health with Lab4585N
NUR 2200C Behavioral Health Clinical361.5N
NUR 2300 Medical Surgical I with Lab50326.5N
NUR 2300C Medical Surgical I Clinical964.5N
NUR 3300 Medical Surgical II with Lab50164.5N
NUR 3300C Medical Surgical II Clinical964.5N
NUR 3033 Advanced Health Assessment with Lab15404.5N
NUR 3500 Maternal and Newborn Nursing with Lab45165N
NUR 3500C Maternal and Newborn Nursing Clinical361.5N
NUR 3600 Family and Child Nursing with Lab45165N
NUR 3600C Family and Child Nursing Clinical361.5N
NUR 3043 Evidence-Based Nursing Practice**404N
NUR 4300 Medical Surgical Nursing III* with Lab70166.5N
NUR 4300C Medical Surgical Nursing III Clinical842.5N
SEM 4500 Keystone I**202N
NUR 4200 Population Health and Informatics*454.5N
NUR 4400 Community Based Nursing with Practicum**30907.5N
SEM 4700 Keystone II and Greenlight202N
NUR 4250 Health Systems Leadership**353.5N
NUR 4600 Transformational Nursing Leadership**303N
NUR 4600C Transformational Nursing Leadership Clinical804N

* Blended course
** Online course

Standard Occupational Classification (SOC): 29-1141
Employment/Job Title: Registered Nurses