Stanbridge University’s attendance policy is as follows:

  • Consistent attendance is a requirement for graduation. Absences are recorded and become part of the student’s permanent record regardless of the reason for the absences.
  • To graduate, students must complete all units and all courses of a program.
  • Students absent from three consecutive sessions for reasons of illness must provide a physician’s release to be allowed to return to classes or clinical education.
  • Students dismissed from school will receive a refund as described in the Financial Aid policy section of this catalog.
  • Students not returning after 14 consecutive days of absence (starting from the last date of attendance) will be dismissed.

Attendance Requirement for all Online Courses

Students enrolled in online courses will have attendance monitored by participation in scheduled threaded discussions before or on the due date of the discussion.  An attendance period for online classes is defined as 12:01AM PST on Monday through 11:59PM PST on the following Sunday.  Those not participating for 14 consecutive days of absence (starting from the last date of attendance) will be dismissed.

Additional Attendance Requirements for Degree Program General Education Courses

With the approval of the program director, students in a degree program may drop a General Education course if the dropped course is not a prerequisite to another course in the program. The student will no longer be required to attend the dropped course but will still remain in the program.  In order for the student to complete the program, the dropped course must be completed.  Retake tuition will be charged for the next attempt to complete the course.  A grade of Incomplete will be assigned to the course and zero grade points will be assigned.  In addition, the student must attend the first session of the course that follows the dropped course in order to maintain attendance and registration in the program.  If a General Education course is a prerequisite to a program core course or another General Education course, failure to attend the prerequisite course will result in dismissal from the program.