MSOT Attendance Policies

Students are expected to be on time, and in attendance, in accordance with all course and term schedules. Students will only graduate with the successful completion of all course grading and attendance requirements. This includes all theory, laboratory, and fieldwork courses.

Class Hours

Students generally attend class two to four days per week, depending upon the academic calendar and term. Classes are typically scheduled during the hours of 8:00am and 9:30pm PT, Monday through Friday. However, weekend classes might be necessary due to extraneous circumstances. In a professional graduate program, student engagement and attendance are considered an academic and professional responsibility.

Full-time fieldwork experiences are required for successful program completion, unless it is a part-time fieldwork rotation. Fieldwork, and fieldwork related sessions, may be scheduled any day of the week, including Saturdays and Sundays. Students should be prepared to meet the schedule expectations of the particular location’s practice. This includes alternative days or shifts due to clinical facility scheduling practices, student census restrictions or facility availability. Some clinical education or fieldwork may be offered on a 10- or 12-hour shift to match clinical facilities’ schedules.

Theory and Laboratory Classes

If a student misses a theory or laboratory class due to illness or extenuating circumstances, the student is responsible for informing the faculty member, Site Coordinator or Program Director, and Student Services Officer. Absences may be excused for instances such as personal illness, the death of a family member, and religious holidays. Documentation may be required to excuse an absence. Students who miss a class are responsible for class content and should make arrangements accordingly. Three (3) or more unexcused absences from a course may result in course failure and dismissal from the program. If a student misses 50% or more of a class session, it will be considered an absence.

Late Examinations

Any examination(s) missed due to absence must be made up within forty-eight (48) hours of returning to campus or a grade of zero will be assigned to the examination. Written make-up exams are scheduled through the Office of Student Services. Practical and laboratory exams are scheduled with the instructor. Make-up exams due to unexcused absences will receive up to 75% as the highest grade.

Fieldwork Courses

Students are required to complete Level I and Level II Fieldwork experiences. Fieldwork I is completed in three (3) courses and Fieldwork II is completed in two (2) twelve-week courses. Each fieldwork rotation requires a full-time commitment unless the student is in a part-time fieldwork rotation. If extenuating circumstances exist and a student is unable to attend a scheduled fieldwork, the student is required to make-up the missed day, as scheduled by the Fieldwork Educator. The program’s Academic Fieldwork Coordinator should be notified of any absence prior to occurrence and be informed of the make-up plan. If the Fieldwork Educator is unable to provide a make-up for the missed day, the Academic Fieldwork Coordinator will provide an appropriate fieldwork make-up assignment. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain the assignment from the Academic Fieldwork Coordinator.

For Level I Fieldwork, a maximum of two (2) fieldwork day make-up assignments are allowed. For Level II, a maximum of five (5) fieldwork day make-up assignments are allowed. Make-up assignments for all absences incurred in the first Level II Fieldwork course must be completed prior to beginning the second Level II Fieldwork course. Make-up assignments for all second Level II Fieldwork absences must be completed prior to graduation and recommendation to NBCOT® for the student to be allowed to take the certification examination.