LVN to RN 45-Unit Option

The 45-quarter unit (equivalent to 30-semester unit) option is required by the Board of Registered Nursing in California as an alternative pathway for applicants who are licensed vocational nurses (LVNs) and desire to become a registered nurse (RN). This option does not earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. Students considering this option must declare this prior to enrolling. Once enrolled, this option is not available.

LVNs who apply for the 45-Unit Option pathway must consult with the program’s director, or designee, for an individual program consultation to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this option prior to enrollment. The number of students admitted each term is contingent upon space available; there may be no space available if all enrollment slots are filled with continuing full-cycle BSN students.

Students who satisfactorily complete all required courses and pass the program exit examination, at the required level, will be awarded a diploma, and a notice will be sent to the Board of Registered Nursing indicating satisfactory completion.

Applicants considering this option should be aware of:

  • This option must be requested prior to enrollment.
  • This option is only available if space is available.
  • Financial aid is not available for students choosing this option as the alternative pathway.
  • Applicants are required to complete the same application process as for the generic, full-cycle program but are not required to take admissions tests.
  • The program may, at its discretion, test knowledge and clinical skills to identify areas wherein remediation is required.
  • No degree is granted upon completion of the program.
  • Students are not entitled to participate in the nursing pinning ceremony.
  • The responsibility to qualify and take the RN “non-graduate” licensure examination resides with the student.
  • Students completing this option should be aware of any restrictions such as
    • A lack of RN licensure reciprocity in any other state
    • Employers seeking candidates with degrees
    • Inability to transfer credit units if continuing education


Course Number and Title  Theory Lab Clinical Total Units
Units Units Units
SCI 1040 Human Physiology 4.5 1.5 0 6
SCI 1050 General Microbiology 4.5 1.5 0 6
NUR1060 Gerontology 2.5     2.5
NUR2200 Behavioral Health Nursing 4 .5 1.5 6
NUR3300 Medical Surgical II Nursing 4 .5 3 7.5
NUR4300 Medical Surgical III Nursing 5.5 .5 2.5 8.5
NUR4250 Health Systems Leadership 3.5     3.5
NUR4500 Keystone I 2.0     2.0
NUR4700 Keystone II and Greenlight 2.5     2.5
Program Total 44.5

Scholarship requirements: A minimum of a 77% in the theory component and a PASS in the lab and clinical components of each nursing course and a 75% in the general education courses. A cumulative GPA of 77% or above is required. All students must achieve a minimum score of 94% predicted probability in the Comprehensive Predictor Examination on the first attempt.

All program grading, attendance, dismissal, graduation, and additional policies apply.