RNBSN Grading Policies


Graded assignments will include a grading rubric that delineates the points earned for each portion of the graded assignment. Grading rubrics may be found each week with the listed assignments and discussion boards. A grade of C (75%) or better is required to pass each course. To achieve a passing grade, the student must meet attendance requirements and complete all course assignments, including any clinical components. Students must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 to graduate from the program.

Late Submission of Assignments

Completing work in a timely manner and learning to meet deadlines is an important part of a collegiate education. Late submissions of assignments will have a grade penalty. Assignments will be considered late if they are not posted by 11:59 P.M. PST on the day that the assignment is due. Late work will be assessed a 10% penalty for the first two days it is late, 20% for the next two days and 30% for the last two days the work is late. If work is more than six days late, the assignment will receive a zero.  If special circumstances arise that prevent the student from submitting assignments on time, the student needs to discuss these circumstances with the instructor, who will communicate with the program director regarding the late work.

Technological issues are not considered valid grounds for late assignment submission. If students have difficulty uploading an assignment or think their assignment might not have uploaded, they must email the instructor about the difficulty and send the instructor a copy of the assignment via email before the assignment deadline. The assignment would then not be considered late. The instructor should acknowledge receipt of the paper within 24 hours and whether the assignment is also in Edverum. If the assignment is not in Edverum, the Director of Online Training will assist the student with uploading their paper. If this procedure is not followed, the paper will be considered late and graded accordingly.

No coursework will be accepted after the end of the course unless an incomplete has been granted.

Failed Courses

There is no remediation for a failed course in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program.  No coursework will be accepted for a course after the course has been completed, except in cases where an incomplete has been granted.  Students who fail a course will need to repeat the course at a later date.

Incomplete Policy

If a student is passing the course before week four (or week five in a six-week course) and has a compelling reason that he or she cannot complete the course by the end date, the student may apply to the instructor to take an incomplete for the course. The incomplete will need to be approved by the instructor and program director. The instructor and student will complete an Incomplete Agreement that will state what work will need to be completed and set a date for work submission in the agreement. The incomplete work will need to be submitted by that date. One letter grade decrease will be assessed for the course when a student elects to take an incomplete. The student must be passing the course at the time the incomplete is granted. Discussion Forum posts will not be included in the work to be completed for the course.