OTA Dismissal Policies

Dismissal may occur for the following reasons:

  • The student in an Occupational Therapy Assistant program exceeds greater than 4 theory absences, exceeds 3 Lab absences, exceeds 2 days of Level I fieldwork absence in a term, exceeds 3 days of absence in a Level II fieldwork and fails to provide sufficient or acceptable documentation for the absences.
  • The student fails to remediate all absences within the allowed time.
  • The student has a pattern of multiple tardies or early outs (as determined by the university or fieldwork site, and communicated to the student) in either theory courses, lab course, or fieldwork.
  • The student is a no-show, no-call at a clinical site. Emergencies and unforeseen circumstances will be considered for review on an individual basis and only with acceptable documentation provided.
  • The student commits an ethical violation in, or related to, the fieldwork facility.
  • The student who does not complete all fieldwork requirements within a maximum of 1 ½ times beyond the normal length of the program will be dismissed and required to reapply for admission and repeat the Occupational Therapy Assistant program as a new student.
  • The student commits an unsafe practice in the fieldwork facility.
  • The student fails a fourth (4th) course.
  • The student that is previously dismissed due to four (4) course failures, and re-enrolls into the Occupational Therapy Assistant program and fails a 2nd course. A re-enrollment committee will be required to determine if student will be re-admitted.
  • The student does not remediate a failed course in 3 attempts within 21 days or before the start of the next term, whichever is shorter.
  • The student does not pass the Program Exit Exam with a minimum required score of 80%, and is unable to obtain 80% through remediation via the remediation policy. Only one (1) remediation attempt is permitted for the program exit exam. Should a student fail the remediation attempt for the program exit exam they must repeat the OTA 2060 End of Program Review course.
  • The student does not complete a minimum of ten (10) hours of community service by the end of the program.