Dismissal from school may occur if:

  • The student does not finish a program within the maximum number of credit hours allowed, i.e. the credit hours attempted exceed 1.5 times the credit hours required to complete the program.
  • The student does not return from an approved Leave of Absence.
  • The student grossly violates the university’s Code of Conduct.
  • The student fails to meet the terms stipulated in a Notice of Probation.
  • The student is absent for more than 14 days without notifying the university.

Dismissal Appeal Process

Stanbridge University students have the right to appeal an academic dismissal. There are two levels of appeal for a dismissal.  Students who have been dismissed may submit a letter of appeal detailing the reason for dismissal and the rationale for the appeal to the Office of Instruction at appeal.instruction@stanbridge.edu. Should an unfavorable decision occur at the Office of Instruction level, a final appeal may be made to the Office of the President at appeal.president@stanbridge.edu.  Decisions by the Office of the President are final and not subject to further university appeal.  Students whose dismissal is upheld by the Office of the President and who are eligible for readmission may apply for readmission using the guidelines below.