Books, supplies, uniforms, supply kits, gait belts, laptops, software, and medical supplies can be returned for a refund prior to midnight of the date of cancellation, less the value of any such items in a NON-RETURNABLE condition and an application fee, for a total amount not to exceed $150.

Should a student decide to withdraw after the date of cancellation, items which a student seeks to return will be thoroughly inspected by the university and considered for refund. If an item is deemed to be in a condition that is NON-RETURNABLE, the student is personally responsible for paying for the items if the tuition has still not been paid or if the loan tendered does not cover the cost of the items. No return of books, supplies, and uniforms will be accepted after three (3) business days from the date the items were received by the student.

If any portion of the tuition was paid from the proceeds of a loan, the refund shall be sent to the lender or, if appropriate, to the state or federal agency that guaranteed or reinsured the loan. Any amount of the refund in excess of the unpaid balance of the loan shall be first used to repay any student financial aid program from which the student received benefits, in proportion to the amount of the benefits received, and any remaining amount shall be paid to the student.

Of special note:

  • The Shadow Health Digital Clinical Experience charge is for Bachelor of Science in Nursing students only. For the BSN and MSN programs, the cost of the books and supplies is to be borne by the student and is nonrefundable.