MSN Attendance Policies

Class Hours

The MSN program is a fully online program with exception to the practicum hours, which can be online or on-ground. The online instructional weeks begins on Monday and ends on Sunday, 11:59 PM PT. Students should refer to their class schedule for course start and end dates.

Online Course Attendance

Online distance education courses are delivered through the university’s learning management system, Edverum, which provides students access to course instructions, syllabi, discussion forums, slides, and videos as well as exams and assignments for each course. Students participating in the university’s hybrid or online distance education courses are expected to be in attendance, and complete all course activities, in accordance with the syllabus.

Students participating in the university’s online distance education courses are expected to be in attendance in accordance with the syllabus since participation is essential to student learning and the assessment of the achievement of required outcomes. All online distance education courses require a set number of academically related activities (ARAs) for each instructional week. ARAs designated as attendance ARAs are clarified in the course outline.

A student’s failure to participate in the designated attendance ARA, such as contributing substantively to a discussion forum post, will result in an absence. Any course absence must be made-up through a make-up assignment appropriate to the hours missed. A student is considered to be in continuous attendance as long as there are no more than fourteen (14) calendar days between attendance ARAs.

Make-up of Course Examinations Due to Absence

If a student’s absence occurs on an exam day, a student must notify the instructor prior to the scheduled exam time that they will not be present for the exam. If the student does not notify the instructor, the exam grade will be a zero. Only one make-up exam per course, per term, will be allowed. The alternate make-up exam will be administered through the Office of Student Services. Regardless of the score achieved on the make-up exam, the maximum grade that will be entered into the student’s grade record for any make-up exam in a theory class will be 75%.