Transfer Credit Policy

Diploma and Degree Programs

Students may request transfer credit based on an evaluation of previously completed coursework. Students must provide the registrar with all official transcripts and course descriptions and/or syllabi by the last day of the orientation class prior to the official start date of their cohort or they will forfeit any and all future transfer credit requests. The official transcript must be from a school that is regionally or nationally accredited or is a currently approved course recognized by DANTES.

Transfer credit will be granted only for those courses:

  • for which a grade of “C” or better (“B” in prerequisite science courses and “B” for   nursing courses in the ADN program) was earned; and
  • which are determined to be equivalent in content and academic level to those required in the student’s program at Stanbridge University.Certain courses in specific programs may have to be completed within 2 – 5 calendar years of the date of the student’s start of coursework at the university in order to be accepted for transfer credit.
  • For HUM 1030 The Socio-Cultural Experience in the OTA program, transfer credit may be granted based only on successful completion of both Sociology and Cultural Anthropology.  For ENG 1030 Effective Professional English in the OTA program, transfer credit may be granted based on the successful completion of a Business Communications course.  ENG 1030 Effective Professional English is not equivalent to a freshman English Composition course.

Advanced Placement credit may be granted for non-core courses (General Education courses) with an examination grade of 3 or better.  Courses requiring laboratory will not be eligible for transfer credit based on Advanced Placement examinations. Official test results are required to award transfer credit for AP courses.

The following AP exams may be used for credit transfer for specific courses as indicated in the table below:

AP ExamCourse Satisfied
AP English Language and Composition or AP English Literature and CompositionENG 1010 or ENG 1060
AP PsychologyPSY 1004
AP Calculus AB or AP Calculus BCMATH 1010 or MATH 1014
AP StatisticsMATH 1020
AP BiologyBIO 1010
AP ChemistryCHM 1010

Official transcripts can be mailed directly from a school or delivered in person by the student and must be sent or given to the Registrar of Stanbridge University.  To be considered official, a transcript must be received by the Registrar of the university in an envelope with an unbroken seal, and the transcript must bear the official seal and/or signature of the Registrar of the school sending the transcript.  For military veterans, the DD214 and accompanying documentation will serve as a transcript for the evaluation of a course of study or training in the Armed Forces.  Under no circumstances will an unofficial transcript be accepted for evaluation of possible transfer credit.

If a student chooses to decline credit for any course for which the student is eligible to receive transfer credit, the student will document the declination of credit on the Transfer of Credit Acknowledgement form to be filed in the student’s record.  The student must accept or decline transfer credit before commencing the program for which transfer credit was requested.

Stanbridge University grants credit based on competency-based testing in the ADN and VN programs.  The university does not grant credit for previous life experiences in any program. Students may transfer in no more than 25% of the total credits required by their program unless otherwise specified.  Students seeking re-enrollment may request consideration for transfer credit for courses taken prior to re-enrollment but after the preceding dismissal or withdrawal.  All other rules for transfer of credit will continue to apply.