Private Education Loans

Stanbridge University offers private loans to students through various lending institutions.  Private loans, which are privately insured, cover educational expenses beyond what is covered by the federal direct loans.  The student must be a U.S. Citizen, a U.S. National, or Permanent Resident and must be creditworthy.  Students may be enrolled full- or half-time.  If the student has no credit or a poor credit history, he/she may still qualify for a loan by applying with a creditworthy co-borrower.

  • If Stanbridge University authorizes payments in an installment agreement, it is attached as an addendum to the enrollment agreement. If interest is charged, all terms and conditions comply with the Federal Truth In Lending Act requirements.
  • After 30 days of delinquency on a student account, the student may be withdrawn from school and the refund policy will be applied. The student and/or financial sponsors agree to and are notified that the account may be turned over to a collection agency. The student and/or financial sponsors will be responsible for all costs associated with collections.
  • Stanbridge University complies with the Federal Truth in Lending Act pursuant to Title 15 of the United States Code.
  • (FTC) Notice: I may request that the initial disclosures prescribed in the Truth in Lending Act (15 United States Code §§ 1601 through 1666) be provided in Spanish before signing any loan documents.