AOSVN Program Overview

Upon completion of the following requirements, Stanbridge University will confer the Associate of Occupational Science in Vocational Nursing degree.

1792 Program Hours/110 Quarter Credit Hours/$332.82 tuition rate per credit hour

The approximate time to complete the program will vary according to the start and end dates of a cohort and ranges from 17-19 months for full-time, and 26-28 months for part-time, including holidays and university breaks.

Course Number and TitleDidactic HoursLab HoursClinical HoursTotal Credit HoursEligible for Credit Transfer
SCI 1070 Anatomy for Healthcare Clinicians with Lab*40365.5No
ENG 1210 Fundamentals of Healthcare Communication**404No
MATH 1030 Math for Nurses404No
AVN 1001 Medical Terminology**353.5Yes
AVN 1060 Fundamentals of Nursing with Lab*5012011Yes
AVN 1160 Mental Health Nursing I with Lab*20313.5No
AVN 1230 Advanced Nursing Fundamentals with Lab*50638Yes
AVN 1230C Advanced Nursing Fundamentals Clinical1123.5Yes
AVN 1240 Pharmacology*555.5Yes
AVN 1320 Medical Surgical I with Lab*1104011No
AVN 1320C Medical Surgical I Clinical722No
AVN 2075 Mental Health Nursing II with Lab*22323.5No
AVN 2075C Mental Health Nursing II Clinical321No
AVN 1425 Medical Surgical II with Lab*1104011No
AVN T1425C Medical Surgical II Clinical1444.5No
AVN 2035 Medical Surgical III with Lab*70407.5No
AVN 2035C Medical Surgical III Clinical963No
AVN 2140 Maternal/Newborn Nursing with Lab*40365No
AVN 2140C Maternal/Newborn Clinical120.5No
AVN 2145 Pediatric Nursing with Lab*40365No
AVN 2145C Pediatric Nursing Clinical120.5No
AVN 2150 Leadership and Community Nursing*323No
AVN 2150C Leadership and Community Nursing Clinical240.5No
AVN 2150L Leadership Clinical Competency Lab*361.5No
AVN 2160 Keystone242No

Blended course *

Online Course **

Standard Occupational Classification (SOC): 29-2061
Employment/Job Title: Licensed Vocational Nurse