VN General Information

Vocational Nurse Program (VN)

Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs) provide basic bedside nursing care to clients under the direction of a physician or registered nurse. The Vocational Nurse utilizes scientific and technical expertise and manual skills. Duties within the scope of practice of a vocational nurse typically include, but are not limited to, provision of basic hygienic and nursing care; measurement of vital signs; basic client assessment; documentation; performance of prescribed medical treatments; administration of prescribed medications; and performance of non-medicated intravenous therapy and blood withdrawal (requires separate Board certification).  Upon satisfactory completion of all requirements for this program, Stanbridge University will confer a diploma in Vocational Nurse and notify the Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians (BVNPT) of satisfactory completion for licensing exam authorization.

After passing the national licensing examination (NCLEX-PN) and being issued a license from the BVNPT, students are eligible to obtain employment as a Licensed Vocational Nurse.

This program exceeds the state requirements for 576 hours of theory instruction and 954 hours of clinical experience.

Students are assigned to clinical facilities according to their abilities, group dynamics, and the availability of facilities. Students are responsible for their transportation to and from facilities. When a facility is over fifty (50) miles from the campus, the students’ addresses are also considered.