MSOT Program Overview

Upon completion of the following requirements, Stanbridge University will confer the Master of Science in Occupational Therapy degree:

121.5 Quarter Credit Hours/$878.44 tuition rate per quarter credit hour

The approximate time to complete the program will vary according to the start and end dates of a cohort and ranges from 28 – 29 months, including holidays and breaks.

Master’s degree students must achieve a cumulative GPA of 3.0 in order to graduate.  Only those graduate level courses in which a student earns the equivalent of a 2.0 or better may be applied toward the total number of credits required for graduation.  In addition, students in the Master of Science in Occupational Therapy program must achieve a passing grade in all fieldwork experiences.

*This course contains practicum hours.

Course Number and Title Classroom/ Lecture Clock HoursClinical Education Clock HoursLab Clock HoursTotal Credit HoursExternship HoursEligible for Credit Transfer
OT 5008 Fundamentals of Anatomy15142No
OT 5010 Foundations of Occupational Therapy36 285 No
OT 5012 Clinical Conditions in Occupational Therapy43 4 No
OT 5003 Applied Neuroscience and Occupations43 4 No
OT 5004 Psychosocial Foundations of Practice50 356.5 No
OT 5005 Grand Rounds10 1 No
OT 5011 Analysis and Assessment of Functional Human Movement43 356 No
OT 5013 Occupations of Adults I50 427 No
OT 5014 Research Methods in Occupational Therapy33.5 3 No
OT 5015 Educational Principles of Healthcare32.5 3 No
OT 5016 Thesis Proposal 32.5 3 No
OT 5000 Fieldwork Level IA 40 1 No
OT 5100 Cultural Competence in Occupational Therapy33.5 3 No
OT 5101 Community Program Development33.5 3 No
OT 5102 Occupations of Adults II 43 356 No
OT 5017 Thesis Completion39 3.5 No
OT 5001 Fieldwork Level IB 40 1 No
OT 5007 Gerontology Seminar13 1 No
OT 5103A Leadership, Health Policy, and Management I27 2.5 No
OT 5103B Leadership, Health Policy, and Management II33.5 3 No
OT 5104 Ethics in Healthcare33.5 3 No
OT 5105 Occupations of Children and Adolescents 50 356.5 No
OT 5018 Thesis Dissemination22.5 2.5 No
OT 5200 Professional Development Seminar32.5 3 No
OT 5002 Fieldwork Level IC 40 1 No
OT 5020 Advanced OT Skills Lab 261 No
OT 5030 Fieldwork Skills Review36 2 No
OT 5040 Fieldwork Level IIA 480 16 No
OT 5041 Fieldwork Level IIB 480 16 No
OT 5500 Review and Exit Exam34 2 No
Standard Occupational Classification (SOC): 29-1122
Employment/Job Title: Occupational Therapists
GROUP A – 32 Students GROUP B – 32 Students 
Term 1
OT 5008Fundamentals of AnatomyOT 5008Fundamentals of Anatomy
OT 5008LFundamentals of Anatomy LabOT 5008LFundamentals of Anatomy Lab
OT 5010Foundations of Occupational TherapyOT 5010Foundations of Occupational Therapy
OT 5010LFoundations of Occupational Therapy LabOT 5010LFoundations of Occupational Therapy Lab
OT 5003Applied Neuroscience and OccupationsOT 5003Applied Neuroscience and Occupations
OT 5012Clinical Conditions in Occupational TherapyOT 5012Clinical Conditions in Occupational Therapy
OT 5014Research Methods in Occupational TherapyOT 5014Research Methods in Occupational Therapy
OT 5005Grand RoundsOT 5005Grand Rounds
Term 2
OT 5011Analysis and Assessment of Functional Human MovementOT 5011Analysis and Assessment of Functional Human Movement
OT 5011LAnalysis and Assessment of Functional Human Movement LabOT 5011LAnalysis and Assessment of Functional Human Movement Lab
OT 5004Psychosocial Foundations of PracticeOT 5004Psychosocial Foundations of Practice
OT 5004LPsychosocial Foundations of Practice LabOT 5004LPsychosocial Foundations of Practice Lab
OT 5007Gerontology SeminarOT 5007Gerontology Seminar
OT 5016Thesis ProposalOT 5016Thesis Proposal
OT 5000Level I FieldworkOT 5000Level I Fieldwork
Term 3
OT 5105Occupations of Children and AdolescentsOT 5013Occupations of Adults I
OT 5105LOccupations of Children and Adolescents LabOT 5013LOccupations of Adults I Lab
OT 5015Educational Principles of Health CareOT 5015Educational Principles of Health Care
OT 5017Thesis CompletionOT 5017Thesis Completion
OT 5104Ethics of Health CareOT 5100Cultural Competence in Occupational Therapy
OT 5002Level I FieldworkOT 5001Level I Fieldwork
Term 4
OT 5013Occupations of Adults IOT 5105Occupations of Children and Adolescents
OT 5013LOccupations of Adults I LabOT 5105LOccupations of Children and Adolescents Lab
OT 5103ALeadership, Health Policy, and Management IOT 5103ALeadership, Health Policy, and Management I
OT 5020Advanced Occupational Therapy Skills LabOT 5020Advanced Occupational Therapy Skills Lab
OT 5018Thesis DisseminationOT 5018Thesis Dissemination
OT 5100Cultural Competence in Occupational TherapyOT 5104Ethics of Health Care
OT 5001Level I FieldworkOT 50002Level I Fieldwork
Term 5
OT 5030Fieldwork Skills ReviewOT 5030Fieldwork Skills Review
OT 5040Level II FieldworkOT 5040Level II Fieldwork
Term 6
OT 5102Occupations of Adults IIOT 5102Occupations of Adults II
OT 5102LOccupations of Adults II LabOT 5102LOccupations of Adults II Lab
OT 5200Professional Development SeminarOT 5200Professional Development Seminar
OT 5101Community Program DevelopmentOT 5101Community Program Development
OT 5103BLeadership, Health Policy, and Management IIOT 5103BLeadership, Health Policy, and Management II
Term 7
OT 5041Level II FieldworkOT 5041Level II Fieldwork
OT 5500Review and Exit ExamOT 5500Review and Exit Exam