Chief Executive OfficerMr. Yasith Weerasuriya*^
Chief Financial OfficerMs. Nazi Masoum*^
Executive Vice PresidentMr. Monir Boktor
Vice President of InstructionDr. Kelly Hamilton
Vice President of Information and Web TechnologyMr. Jesse Davis
Interim Campus DirectorGary Lopez †
Dean of StudentsMs. Elizabeth Peyton
Director of Student ServicesMs. Cynthia Barahona
Assistant Director of Student ServicesMr. Charles Gover†
Program Director - Registered NursingMs. Tracy Frye
Assistant Program Director - Registered NursingMs. Minerva Valdenor
Director of Nursing - VNMs. Renee Hypolite
Director of Nursing - VNMs. Annabelle Anglo†
Director of Nursing - RN-BSNMs. Annabelle Anglo
Director of Accreditation and ComplianceDr. Everett Procter
Assistant Director of Accreditation and ComplianceMr. Gary Lopez
Program Director - OTAMr. Satch Purcell
Assistant Program Director - OTAMs. Tina Huang
Site Coordinator - OTAMs. Jordan Warlick†
Program Director - PTADr. Christie Karle
Assistant Program Director - PTADr. Lauren Eberhadt
Program Director - MSNDr. Margaret Santandrea
Interim Program Director - MSOTDr. Vikas Sharma
Assistant Program Director - MSOTMs. Eileen Wang
Interim Program Director - ASVTMs. Emma Cusack
Associate Director - ASVTMs. Kristen Ilardi
Director of Career ServicesMr. John Andrews
Director of AdmissionsMr. Michael Mirabella
Director of Admissions Operations Mr. Greg Low
Assistant Director of AdmissionsMs. Christina Pinpherk
Director of Financial ServicesMr. Brian Silvano*
Director of Financial AidMs. Robelyn Oropesa†
Assistant Director of Financial Aid/Military Service SpecialistMolly Banos*
LibrarianDr. David Brown
Director of Media & CommunicationsMs. Sarah Hamilton



Staff and faculty who work at the Los Angeles, Alhambra Branch Campus. Admissions management may work at the Irvine Campus and the Los Angeles, Alhambra Branch Campus

Stanbridge University does not have a pending petition in bankruptcy, is not operating as a debtor in possession, has not filed a petition within the preceding five years, nor has had a petition in bankruptcy filed against it within the preceding five years that resulted in reorganization under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code (11 U.S.C. Sec 1101 et seq.)