MHA General Information

Master of Science in Healthcare Administration (MHA)

The Master of Science in Healthcare Administration Program (MHA) provides students with the essential competencies and advanced knowledge in strategy, policy, planning, and ethics in order to successfully lead in dynamic and diversified healthcare environments and organizations

MHA Mission Statement

The Master of Science in Healthcare Administration (MHA) program prepares students for administrative leadership roles in healthcare organizations and industries to improve services based on ethical leadership and sound practices. Through a diversity of leadership and planning skills, students will have an important role in the future of healthcare policy and the decisions that lead to improved healthcare access, equity, and care for local and global communities.

MHA Program Learning Outcomes

PLO1. Students will analyze issues and construct evidence-based solutions to problems in healthcare administration.
PLO2. Students will manage resources in healthcare organizations safely and with quality.
PLO3. Students will create strategic and innovative plans to improve outcomes in healthcare organizations.
PLO4. Students will appropriately apply ethical and legal standards to healthcare administration and leadership.