BHA Program Overview

Upon completion of the following requirements, Stanbridge University will confer the Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration degree:

180 quarter credit hours/$222.19 tuition rate per quarter credit hour. The approximate time to complete the program will vary according to the start and end dates of a cohort and ranges from 28-29 months, including holidays and breaks.

Course Number and Title Classroom/ Lecture Clock HoursClinical Education Clock HoursLab Clock HoursTotal Credit HoursExternship HoursEligible for Credit Transfer
CITI 1000 Information and Technology Literacy350 3.5 Yes
HLTH 1800 Health and Nutrition400 4 Yes
ENG 1005 Introduction to Written Communication400 4 Yes
COM 1050 Fundamentals of Public Speaking400 4 Yes
MATH 1010 College Algebra400 4 Yes
SOC 1010 Introduction to Sociology400 4 Yes
BIO 1010 Biology500 5 Yes
MATH 2020 Statistics500 5 Yes
SCI 1030 Human Anatomy500 5 Yes
PSY 1010 Introduction to Psychology400 4 Yes
PHIL 2010 Critical Reasoning and Ethics500 5 Yes
ENG 2020 Advanced Written Communication500 5 Yes
COM 3010 Business Communication in Healthcare450 4.5 Yes
PSY 3300 Diversity and Inclusion500 5 Yes
ENG 3800 GE Capstone600 6 No
HA 3000 AI and Machine Learning Enabled IT Systems for Healthcare500 5 Yes
HA 3010 Local and Global Health Concepts500 5 Yes
HA 3011 Local and Global Health Concepts Project300 3 Yes
PSY 3020 Organizational Psychology5005Yes
HA 3030 NextGen Patient Relations and Servicing5005Yes
ACCT 3100 Principles of Healthcare Accounting I5005Yes
HA 3280 AI and Data Management in Health Information Systems5005Yes
HA 3460 AI, Social, Behavioral, and Data Science-Driven Marketing5005Yes
ACCT 4100 Principles of Healthcare Accounting II5005Yes
HA 4150 Healthcare Quality Management5005Yes
HA 4180 Development and Strategic Planning in Healthcare Organizations5005Yes
HA 4170 Risk Management in Healthcare 5005Yes
HA 4190 Human Resource Management5005Yes
HA 4200 Healthcare Policy and Law5005Yes
HA 4250 Healthcare Reimbursement Systems5005Yes
HA 4270 Medical Ethics and Future Challenges5005Yes
HA 4160 Healthcare Informatics and AI Innovation5005Yes
HA 4280 Healthcare Regulation and Compliance5005Yes
HA 4310 Team Building and Leadership5005No
HA 4311 Team Building and Leadership Project3003No
HA 4400 Ethics and Social Responsibility in Healthcare 5005Yes
HA 4450 Introduction to Healthcare Research5005No
HA 4460 Healthcare Administration Capstone6006No
Standard Occupational Classification (SOC): 11-9111
Employment/Job Title: Medical and Health Services Managers