BHA General Information

Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration (BHA)

The Bachelor of Science in Health Administration (BHA) program is a fully online program that provides students with the required foundations in general education and health administration core knowledge to prepare them for a career in healthcare administration or management. Health administration professionals work to administer and manage healthcare systems, such as hospitals, hospital networks or large healthcare systems, and have an important role in making sure people receive the best possible care while working collaboratively to promote community health and wellbeing.

BHA Mission Statement

The Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration (BHA) program prepares students for entry-level administrative leadership roles in health services organizations and systems. Through a comprehensive curriculum, students gain competencies and professional preparation to manage and lead in a dynamic diversified healthcare environment.

BHA Program Learning Outcomes

PLO1. Students will successfully apply business principles to the healthcare environment.
PLO2. Students will employ professional standards within healthcare organizations.
PLO3. Students will choose effective leadership styles within the healthcare system.
PLO4. Students will appropriately apply ethical and legal standards to healthcare administration.