ASVT Program Overview

Upon completion of the following requirements, Stanbridge University will confer the Associate of Science in Veterinary Technology degree.

1894.5 Clock Hours/115 Quarter Credit Hours (The approximate time to complete the program will vary according to the start and end dates of a cohort and ranges from 23 – 24 months, including school and national holidays, breaks between terms, a one-week break at Thanksgiving and a two-week break in December.)

Scholarship requirements: A 2.0 GPA must be achieved for each course in the program and thus a cumulative GPA of 2.0 must be achieved in order to graduate from the program.

Course Number and Title Classroom/ Lecture Clock HoursClinical Education Clock HoursLab Clock HoursTotal Credit HoursExternship HoursEligible for Credit Transfer
VET 1001 Veterinary Medical Terminology19.501.50No
VET 1100 Small Animal Handling and Husbandry †46445.50No
VET 1102 Term II Review and Exam2201.50No
VET 1103 Term III Review and Exam2201.50No
VET 1104 Term IV Review and Exam2201.50No
VET 1105 Term V Review and Exam2201.50No
VET 1110 Anatomy & Physiology of Animals633960No
VET 1200 Veterinary Clinical Nursing35444.50No
VET 1210 Veterinary Microbiology39394.50No
VET 1300 Veterinary Lab Diagnostics †35605.50No
VET 1311 Diagnostic Imaging †32.5454.50No
VET 1321 Small Animal Medicine45030No
VET 1331 Pharmacology I3002.50No
VET 1332 Veterinary Pharmacology II3502.50No
VET 2000 Veterinary Technician Preceptorship000.528No
VET 2102 Large Animal and Equine Procedures and Public Health †40404.50No
VET 2103 Program Review and Exam48040No
VET 2111 Veterinary Parasitology32.5303.50No
VET 2130 Veterinary Anesthesia & Analgesia504560No
VET 2140 Veterinary Business Management and Ethics26020No
VET 2201 Emergency and Critical Care Nursing404550No
VET 2210 Veterinary Surgical Nursing and Dentistry395660No
VET 2221 Laboratory and Exotic Animal Medicine †282130No
VET 2300 Veterinary Technician Internship0010.5320No
BIO 1010 Biology40040Yes
CHM 1010 Chemistry40040Yes
CIS 1014 Computer Applications for Veterinary Technicians10261.50No
ENG 1010 College Writing I40040Yes
ENG 1045 Public Speaking40040Yes
MATH 1014 College Algebra I40040Yes
PSY 1001 Introduction to Interpersonal Relationships2502.50No

† This course is designated as having non-repeated essential skills.


Employment/Job Title: Veterinary Technician, Veterinary Technician (Vet Tech), Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT)