ASVT Grading Policies


Veterinary Technology students must attain a cumulative grade point average of C (75%) in each course, including general education courses, to graduate excluding the program exit exams for which the requirements are listed under graduation requirements. If a course grade is below 75%, the course must be remediated. Students may not remediate more than three (3) courses in a program. If the student fails a fourth (4th) course, the student will be dismissed. End-of-term cumulative exams are not counted as courses for the purpose of calculating the number of failed courses.

Essential Skills Policies

Students will receive a copy of the essential skills book in booklet form for their own reference. All successfully completed skills will be signed off by the course instructor and documented in each cohort’s essential skills binder which is maintained in the ASVT office. All essential skills required for graduation must be completed with a “pass” score by the end of VET 2103.

Remediation Policy

Remediation actions for unsatisfactory academic progress in a theory course are required for a student to continue in the program. If a student fails a course with a final grade below 75%, the student will be expected to remediate the course failure by taking an alternate cumulative examination on the material covered in the original course.  The student will be considered to have successfully remediated the course if he/she achieves a passing score of 75% or higher on the alternate examination. Students will not be allowed to take a course remediation exam until all assignments for the course have been turned in and the student is cleared by the instructor.

Students may attempt the alternate theory remediation examination three (3) times. Regardless of the score achieved on the alternate examination and completed homework assignments, the maximum grade that will be entered into the student’s grade record for any remediated course will be 75%. Remediation of any failed course must be performed prior to the start of the next term. If a course is not successfully remediated, the student’s failing grade will be recorded as the grade for the un-remediated course, and the student will be dismissed from the program.

Failure of a laboratory or clinical course cannot be remediated and will result in dismissal from the program.